Guardian Hobbit: Lotro vs Lotr

Lotro Hobbit Guardian Outfit

In the books, Tolkien wrote about a few special Hobbits whose adventures took them out of the Shire. But they were unique. Most Hobbits in Tolkien’s Middle-Earth never left their home in the Shire.

It is the reverse in Lotro. On Landroval, where I make my home, there are a few Hobbit characters who happily spend their days farming, cooking and living the life of a Hobbit in the Shire, but the average Hobbit is like any other character in Lotro, destined for adventure.

This is the problem I face when I attempt to make a Hobbit outfit. It becomes a battle of Lotro vs Lotr in my mind. Should Hobbits really wear Heavy Armour? Shouldn’t he be bare footed?

Lotro allows Hobbits to become Burglars, Guardians, Hunters, Minstrels and Wardens. We all have pictures in our minds of what each of these classes should look like. But what about if the race behind that class is a Hobbit?

The Lotro Guardian class was  inspired by the hobbit Samwise Gamgee, whose loyalty to Frodo Baggins knew no bounds. Sam may have had the spirit of a guardian but to my knowledge he never put on heavy armour and rode off into battle. Merry Brandybuck did however. Separated by Pippin and Gandalf’s journey to Gondor, he swore fealty to Théoden and became his esquire. Without permission from his liege, he rode to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields in the care of young  Éowyn. But that was a unique situation.

Lotro Hobbit Guardian Outfit
Lotro Hobbit Guardian Outfit

Today I have made an outfit for a Hobbit Guardian in Lotro. Guardians in Lotro have to be protected from the constant onslaught of blows they will receive tanking for their group. I tried on many different types of heavy armour on my male Hobbit. Many just didn’t look right. Hobbits have longer torsos than legs and sometimes the proportions just look odd. I personally preferred how they looked wearing the armored skirts. The ones I chose for this outfit can either be bartered in Moria with Moria medallions at the Guardian, Captain or Champion class trainers. Or you can get them from a cosmetic vendor at any skirmish camp for marks and medallions. The first option only works if you actually have an appropriate class since the trainers only will interact with someone of that class.

update: The leggings can also be bought at the Orc Watch and the Shadowed Refuge with any class. No class restrictions there as the vendors are not trainers. (Thank you Hymne)

Lotro Hobbit Guardian Outfit

Head:Dwarf Spiked Helm of Might, dyed Sienna (World drop)
Shoulders: Hyrde-Axle, dyed Sienna (Quest:Chapter 10: Herdsmen of the Starkmoor)
Chest: Shining Westernesse Steel Breastplate, dyed Sienna (World Drop)
Hands: Scorched Ox-Hide Gauntlets, dyed Sienna (Quest:Silent Riders)
Legs: Shield-Bearer’s Leggings, dyed Sienna (Moria Heavy Armour Set)
Feet: Shield Bearer’s Boots, dyed Sienna (Moria Heavy Armour Set)
Back: Dunlending Cloak of Tactics, dyed Sienna (T7 Crafted)

Just for fun I’ve added a poll. What do you think? Should Hobbits wear shoes in Lotro?


15 thoughts on “Guardian Hobbit: Lotro vs Lotr

  1. Lol the poll is really funny 🙂 I voted no, with the exception that I have one hobbit from Stoor that I allow to wear boots. So it depends… but that is not a poll option. I like your guardian very much and I think it’s perfectly fine to dress up a hobbit in battle gear. But I’m not strict to the lore in that sense and go with what LOTRO has to offer, though I do try to keep the spirit of Tolkien alive somewhat. I think your guardian worked out really great and I love the autumn battle theme! One tip: the leggings can be bought at the Orc Watch and the Shadowed Refuge with any class. No class restrictions there as the vendors are not trainers. Blog looking good too!

  2. My hobbit doesn’t wear shoes as a rule, but I’m sure she would be sensible and wear them if she thought it was necessary. She’d probably put on boots if she ever went fishing in the bog… which she doesn’t… cause slugs are gross.

  3. I struggle with the same issues when outfitting hobbits. But like many of us, I try to strike a balance. This guy looks great. There’s just something hobbity about the look as a whole. I think that the pieces almost look oversized on him really works, as well as the earthy colours. 🙂

  4. My character doesn’t want to smell these hobbit feet. I voted no.

    Very interesting, armoring them in the skirt leggings. That made me think–So many captain pieces are armored skirts, yet hobbits can’t be captains. I imagine a hobbit looks rather different in captain armor!

  5. Far as I’m concerned… the Hobbits -will- wear shoes, in the right circumstances.
    Barefoot upon the fine soil of the Shire, or on the fields of Breeland, the sticks underfoot in woods. But I’d rather keep my toes than lose them to the ice of Forochel or some unmentionable substances within dungeons, fermented for years beyond memory.

    Now, about the outfit…
    I like how battle-ready this seems. How well suited to actually stand their ground this hobbit looks.
    And, imo, without the boots it’d look…weird. Hobbits don’t have steel-skin, after all, not even on their feet! :p

    Somehow, I keep thinking of Merry with this. Something just pings that particular way…

    • I feel the same way. If my Hobbit is at home in the Shire then definitely no shoes but if out adventuring for example on a battle field like Merry was, I see him in shoes.

  6. I am a lore crazed nut, i usually adhere strictly to the lore, however under normal circumstances hobbits didn’t regularly come across encounters that would require armor to be worn, so trying to discern whether they would or wouldn’t is similar to asking if a polar bear could beat a gorilla in a fist fight. the little information we have to where the hobbits had encounters where armor would indeed be needed they definitely wore it. I think that if they had more such encounters they would eventually become armor/boot wearing people. At current, their lifestyle does not require it, therefore they are seldom seen with it. So….with that said, I can picture an armored hobbit, however one that appeals to their subtle and sneaky nature, perhaps leathers with metal strips/studs or even chainmail. I picture them a more mobile armor wearing people. But this plate armor looks good on them too.

  7. I go with bare feet on my hobbit burglar, but only cosmetically. I turn the boot visibility off but do wear them for the stat bonuses. :> I think my minstrel also goes barefoot, but I can’t log in at the moment and I’ve actually forgotten what I went with on him.

  8. Not even all Shire hobbits ran barefoot (cf the much cited boot-wearing Stoors of the Eastfarthing). In addition, Professor Tolkien himself habitually illustrated Bilbo as a wearing black boots when adventuring, but barefoot at home, and discusses the “booting” of Bilbo at Rivendell in Letter 27 (Letters of JRR Tolkien).

    Given that in LOTRO there are several communities of hobbits other than those in The Shire and Bree, and the landscape is absolutely poxy with brave adventuring hobbits, I don’t really think a boot-wearing halfling should be noteworthy.

    Since my hobbits are all Stoors, and NOT from The Shire, I have them wear boots. When harassed on this point by Landroval’s self-appointed know-it-alls, they usually reply indignantly that, “Shire hobbits may go barefoot, but I do not!”

  9. Boots’re fine, when yer wanderin’ about th’world, steppin’ on soils what weren’t meant t’be known by Hobbit feet, gettin’ fate only knows what stuck betwixt yer toes an’ in yer fine foothair. Or, again, when yer apt t’lose yer feet t’th’cold.

    But in th’Shire? In th’ warm, lush green hills where we holbytla’re ment t’walk? Never!

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