Elven Ambassador

Lotro Outfit

“Mae govannen. Mae tollen an Imladris.” (Well met. Welcome to Rivendell.)

This outfit immediately made me think of an Elven ambassador and as I took the screenshots for this blog post I imagined her welcoming visitors to Rivendell. I saw her giving them a tour of the city, showing them their culture, perhaps teaching them an elvish dance and eventually inviting them to the Last Homely House to meet Elrond himself.

Lotro Outfit

The silhouette of this robe is my favorite style for robes. The shape is very handsome on most models. One day I would love to be able to have in my wardrobe the Rune-Keeper (Runemaker’s Armour) and Loremaster (Lore-keeper’s Armour) robes from Barad Guldur in Mirkwood which have this same silhouette but a much prettier design. Until then there are a few other robe options in game to play with that have this silhouette. The Tawarwaith crafted armour, the Lorien Fancy Robe and the robe I chose to use today which can be either crafted (Armour of Lothlorien), bartered with Moria medallions or purchased from a cosmetic vendor at any skirmish camp with marks and medallions.

Lotro Outfit

Lotro Outfit

I mentioned the Loremaster and Rune-keeper robes from Barad Guldur as being on my wardrobe wish list. What are some of your dream items?

Lotro Outtfit

Head: Balladeer’s Hat, dyed Umber (Moria Light Armour)
Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Predator, dyed Umber (Hunter PvMP Armour)
Chest: Balladeer’s Robe, dyed Crimson (Moria Light Armour)
Hands: Gloves of the Predator, dyed Umber (Hunter PvMP Armour)
Feet: Greaves of the Dragonslayer, dyed Umber (Drops from Draigoch)

11 thoughts on “Elven Ambassador

  1. Lovely and noble indeed and those shoulders fit the robe perfectly. Different shoulders can give a robe or dress completely new looks and these ones sure fit very well. On my list there’s still the Dol Guldur Lore-master’s shoulders. I have the robe but would like the shoulders to complete it. But I’m probably too lazy to keep running for the drop knowing that some day the Mirkwood items will be available as cosmetics. As will the Lorien items so you and I should get our wishes fulfilled sooner or later!

    • Thank you Corleth 🙂 It can be a tough robe to design an outfit around. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dusted off this robe to attempt to play around with an outfit. This time it just clicked.

  2. Aww I love that robe. She looks lovely. 😀

    I have a lot of items on my wish list–the BG pieces, particularly the minstrel set, and some of the current PVP armour. I don’t PVP, so I can only hope that gets put somewhere more accessible to me someday.

    • Thank you Ely 🙂 It used to be the PvMP armour could be gotten through killing things in the The Delving of Frór but now it’s all commendations. You could do a few quests each day but that only gives you a handful of commendations. To get anywhere near the amount your would need for one piece of armour you have to PvMP. A cosmetic version of those armours would be awesome

  3. Simple, yet elegant…a gorgeous, warm, and welcoming outift…I love it : ) I’ve found reds, oranges, and golds to be the perfect color for this robe.

    I also noticed all the conversations about the BG pieces. I’ve managed to get the LM and RK robes mentioned above, but I’d love to be able to get more of them without having to raid. Single pieces look wonderful, but they’re nothing compared to the whole sets. BG is run very infrequently, so here’s hoping that the raid pieces become comsetically available in the future!

    • Thank you Nathrien. I’ve never been to BG myself. No one runs them on my server anymore. I very much agree with you about hopefully cosmetic versions being introduced in the future.

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