Prized Liver Chestnut Steed

Lotro Hobbit Outfit

This was the first reputation steed I ever purchased. It was a lot of hard work saving up the 5 gold purchase price and gaining the reputation with Men of Bree. I was so proud of myself and excited to exchange it for the starter horse I had acquired from Hengstacer Farm.

The main difference from this horse and the common starter horses is that is has a saddle and a rich green blanket. It’s legs also have black stockings that goes from it’s hooves up to it’s knees.

Lotro Hobbit Outfit

Lotro Hobbit Outfit

For the matching outfit I decided upon the Tier 7 (Westfold) crafted light armour robe. I don’t typically like the way this chest piece looks on most races but I think it’s adorable of female Hobbits. I love the stripes on her sleeves and really wanted to bring that out so I added the striped patterned Travel Pack, which can be found during the Yule Festival inside the Hobbit Gift Boxes.

Lotro Hobbit Outfit

After your starter horse, what was your first steed?

Lotro Hobbit Outfit

Head: Summerdays Hat, dyed Forest Green (Summer Festival)
Chest: Dunlending Campaign Armour (T7 Crafted)
Back: Travel Pack, dyed Orange (Yule Festival)
Steed: Prized Liver Chestnut Pony (Kindred standing with Men of Bree)

21 thoughts on “Prized Liver Chestnut Steed

  1. Sweet outfit! Nice idea to match that robe with the Bree horse and the hat looks lovely for the ride. By the way I didn’t know there was a difference between starter and rep horse. I’m going to have to check that out!

    • The starter horses can all be purchased at Hengstacer Farms for 500 silver and require no reputation to gain. You can get them at any level as long as you have the riding skill. I think with the rep horses you have to be at least level 35 to use them.

  2. I think my first non-starter horse was the skeleton pony, on my hobbit hunter. Alas, I haven’t been able to get that pony to drop for any other character in subsequent years!

    Cute outfit! I’ve been trying to match the Bree mount with little success; you’ve matched it well. 🙂

  3. Oh I meant the real starter horse, the one that you buy for 200 silver, can ride without riding skill and that goes really slow…. It’s called Bree Starter horse and it looks identical to the Bree kindred rep horse.

  4. Oh wow, I’ve never tried that robe on my Hobbit girl because I didn’t like the shape of it on other female characters, but you’re right — it looks really nice!

    Other than starter horses, the first steed I remember getting was the very first Lithe pony, with the green and gold blanket that they had to tone down because it was so bright, lol! (Secretly I liked it better when it was ultra-bright.) I loved riding that pony on my minstrel. Still do, from time time too! 🙂

  5. Lovely outfit Devonna!

    The very first Steed I ever had was the Bay Steed. Aside from the starter horses my very first steed was that from the Yule Festival 2010. I didn’t have a matching outfit back then, because I was still too low level to bother buying cosmetics and such. 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 I love the festival horses. I wish some of the older versions would get introduced again. I would love an opportunity to get the Sable Harvestmath Steed.

  6. Beautiful job matching the robe and rep horse, Devonna! I love the shades of green alongside that chestnut color 🙂

    My first steed was the Blonde Sorrel Horse. I loved the lighter colors steeds, especially since they matched perfectly with my minstrel. After the starter horse, I believe the first steed I ever obtained was the Grey Horse at the end of Volume One.

    • Thank you Nathrien 🙂 I love the Grey Horse. I’ve only had the patience to finish the first epic on one of my characters. Devonna is very proud of her little Grey Pony

  7. I can’t remember the first rep horse I got… or if it was a festival horse… I just remember the Forochel horse being the first that I could not WAIT to get. I worked so hard to get that. But I’m pretty sure I had the horse bug as soon as they started putting out more than the four from Hengstacer’s Farm.

  8. I started the game with the Steed of the Horse Lords for buying the Mithril Edition when I started in August. However, it got replaced by this very steed from the Men of Bree. I’ve stuck with it 100% so far. Nice outfit by the way!

  9. My first non-starter horse would have been one of the 2009 festival horses, but my first reputation steed was the Prized Mathom Society Horse for my Loremaster. I still use him with that horse and the Mathom Society outfit in blue. It fits very well for a Loremaster.

    It took me 3 years, but I finally got the White Skeleton steed to drop for my hobbit burglar, though sadly not for my hobbit minstrel who is my horse collector. The minstrel did get the red skeleton steed (I think from a lottery) and I have two of the class steeds from lotteries (Steed of the Champion on my Champion, and Steed of the Runekeeper on my Minstrel). By some odd coincidence, during the fifth anniversary, the Steed of the Dusk Watch dropped for all three of my elven characters but not for any other race. It’s my elf hunter’s primary steed except when I’m fellowshipping with characters that don’t have a fast steed. My dwarf guardian got the Treasure Hunter horse and rides that for its rarity and dwarvishness, with an outfit of golden heavy armor.

    One of my family members actually had both the Treasure Hunter goat and the Treasure Hunter horse drop on the same character. The same family member also got the Jester steed from the anniversary event. My minstrel is just slightly jealous. 😉

    My favorite festival horse of all is the Spring Festival Blue Roan Pony, an absolutely gorgeous horse. I credit that horse with starting me on the path of being a horse collector.

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