Winter’s Return


Well hello everyone, 🙂 it has been awhile.

Ked and I have recently picked up playing Lotro again and with that has come a renewed desire to put together outfits. The outfit system is still our favorite part of the game so it didn’t take long for us to get back into making outfits.

There is so much I have to learn and relearn but I am in no rush. Right now I’m just enjoying playing the game.


I’m not promising anything about how often I will be posting an outfit. My schedule is busy and I can only play Lotro part time now. Outfiting is one of the main things I love about Lotro though. I can’t help but create outfits and I plan on sharing with you what Ked and I come up with.


It’s been awhile since I’ve picked up any new cosmetics so this outfit was made using items I had in my wardrobe from before I left.

December is upon us so I was in the mood for a winter/cold weather themed outfit. I hope you all enjoy. 🙂



Shoulders: Lesser Memory of the West Shoulder Guards, dyed White (Harndirion Barter Lore-Master Set)
Chest: Shield-Bearer’s Breastplate, dyed White (Moria Heavy Barter Set)
Hands: Shield-Bearer’s Gauntlets, dyed White (Moria Heavy Barter Set)
Feet: Barrow-Warrior’s Boots, dyed White (Heavy Great-Barrow Armour)
Legs: Shield-Bearer’s Leggings, dyed White (Moria Heavy Barter Set)
Back: Bear Skin Winter Cloak, dyed Sienna  (Store exclusive, only available during festivals)

12 thoughts on “Winter’s Return

  1. Hello Devonna & Ked, a warm welcome back to Lotro and the wonderful word of outfitting. Indeed as you say, still the most enjoyable part of the game, and your post reflects a wonderful inspiration! Hope to see more again 😀

  2. I was so excited when my RSS feed showed a new post from LOTRO Stylist! Welcome back Devonna and Kedwyr! Looking forward to future posts and but I definitely understand the need to work at your own pace! 😀

  3. I agree with Jorge a bit. The outfits are stunning, but I can’t ever find the pieces as I am a f2p player and it is harder to get some of the quest rewards. Maybe some outfits from the skirmish cosmetics? It’d be cool to see some lower level outfits too 🙂

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