Cold Hearted


This outfit was a total surprise. I was intending to post a completely different outfit today.


Last night I finally completed the deed “The More The Merrier Tier 3” and was able to purchase the Wintertide Caparison warsteed cosmetic. I found just the right warsteed appearance to showcase the Caparison and all I needed was the perfect outfit for my rider.


Instead of matching my Warsteed, I created something entirely different. The pieces fell together rather effortlessly and I was happily surprised with the outcome. It wasn’t what I had started out to create but I love the finished product.

I won this cloak in a Sack of Presents from the quest: Yule Festival (Daily). To be honest I didn’t think I’d ever use it. It’s not really my style. I love being proven wrong. This cloak just needs the right outfit to make it work. A cloak I expected to gather dust in my wardrobe is now being worn by my Rune-Keeper as her winter outfit.


Keep a lookout for my Wintertide Caparison outfit. I have the basic idea, I just need to find a few more perfect pieces. 🙂


Back: Spiral-Horned Snow-Beast Cloak (Yule Festival Reward)
Shoulders: Shoulder Pads of the Glirberion, default dye (Tower of Orthanc armour, minstrel)
Chest: Elegant Dress, dyed Black (Skirmish Camp Cosmetic vendor or Lotro store)

9 thoughts on “Cold Hearted

  1. I absolutely LOVE this outfit. I already have the dye ready and I’m soon to get the dress, but I’m a hunter so I can’t get these shoulder pads. Sadly that’s my favorite part of the outfit; do you know of any other shoulder pads that look similar that hunters can wear?

    • If you have a wardrobe you don’t have to worry about class restrictions. Without a wardrobe I would try looking at the hunter Tower of Orthanc shoulders. The are the same color just different shape.

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