Cat Burglar


Today is my Birthday and one of the ways I am celebrating is to give my character Devonna a new outfit. I love making outfits for her because female Hobbits in Lotro are so cute!


If you couldn’t tell by the title and pictures, this is a Burglar outfit. 😉 A Cat Burglar is a burglar who breaks into buildings by climbing through upstairs windows, across roofs, etc.

My idea of a Burglar outfit is something that is easy to sneak around in. Something that is dark in color, made of lightweight and silent materials and gives you the freedom to be agile in your movements.


This outfit started when I began to play with my masked hood collection. Lotro has several options for masked hoods. This one, Thrill-Seeker’s Helm, is my all time favorite. It’s from The Rift raid. Thankfully Turbine has made it very easy to acquire without forming up a raid to venture into the Rift. You can barter for this using medallions and marks at a cosmetic vendor at any Skirmish Camp.

This outfit also has a handy loot bag for all her treasure’s she pilfers. The Treasure Hunter’s Rucksack is a reward from The treasure Hunter’s Event. The Treasure Hunt (or Buried Treasure) event is a Special Event at the Treasure Field Base Camp in Ered Luin where players can dig for buried treasure. This event is not tied to any seasonal festival but will appear randomly throughout the year.


I also wanted to let you all know about a great offer from the Lotro Store. From Jan. 3rd – Jan. 9th you can receive one free store exclusive cosmetic. This includes any item from their store exclusive section including emotes. To take advantage of this offer use the coupon code FINE7.


Head: Ceremonial Thrill-Seeker Helm (Rift Burglar Armour from a Cosmetic Vendor at any Skirmish Camp)
Shoulders: Rock-Climber’s Shoulder Guards, dyed Walnut Brown (T6 Tailoring)
Chest: Spear-Shaker’s Jacket, dyed Black (Helegrod Warden Armour from a Classic Vendor at any Skirmish Camp)
Hands: Fingerless Gloves, dyed Black (Quest [10] Self-sacrifice: Support the Poor)
Legs: Ceremonial Thrill-Seeker Leggings (Rift Burglar Armour from a Cosmetic Vendor at any Skirmish Camp)
Feet: Fine Grey Company Boots, dyed Black (Quest [75] Book 5, Chapter 1: Separate Ways – Saeradan)
Back: Treasure Hunter Rucksack, dyed Black (Treasure Hunter Event)

10 thoughts on “Cat Burglar

  1. Wonderful burglar outfit! Though I wish turbine wouldn’t give us cosmetics identical to those high end armor sets from rift, moria, etc. Making things easy to get can suck the fun out of it, and working hard to acquire gear pieces adds that much more satisfaction to the finished product. All the same, well done and happy birthday!

    • I can understand that. There are still items in the game that can only be achieved through raiding. Most of the Orthanc gear and the Dâr Narbugud gear can only be received through raiding for it. Also most of the Ettenmoors gear is pretty hard to achieve.

  2. her mischievous grin in the screenies is adorable 🙂 she has to be careful to not lose any coin from the bag jumping from roof to roof!

    and, happy Birthday!

  3. Hi Devonna! I’m a big fan of your outfits and your blog! (even though I rarely make time to wear them myself :P) I would really appreciate it if you would follow my own LOTRO blog ( which I have literally just gotten up and running. I hope to give newbies some advice on choosing class, questing, etc. and will also share the best ways I have found to earn TP. Thanks a bunch!

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