Shiny Steel Plate


I have always wished there were more plate looking armour options in the game. A lot of times the heavy armour pieces seem to look more cloth or leathery to me.

Today’s outfit is an attempt at a shiny steel plate look.

The last time I put an outfit together for this blog I had been trying to complete this plate outfit. I was only missing the perfect shoulders. Update 14 offered me just the right piece to complete this look. The shoulders from the Heavy Nadhin set were just what I had been looking for.


Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. As promised though, I will continue to post when inspiration hits me 🙂

Kedwyr started leveling his Hunter to 100 after the new update came out. Watching him I was reminded how much I truly love this game. I personally don’t have any desire to quest and level or figure out my class traits ect… But I have enjoyed spending time at the Summer festival and just being in Middle Earth.

lotro-outfit-133d lotro-outfit-133e

Head: Helm of the Wall Warden, dyed White (Balad Guldur Heavy Armour from a Classic Vendor at any Skirmish Camp)
Shoulders: Heavy Nadhin Shoulders, dyed White (Update 14 Heavy Armour Set)
Chest: Lesser Valourouss Hauberk of Fate, dyed White (Lvl 95 Heavy Armour)
Hands: Rohirric Esquire’s Heavy Gauntlets, dyed White (Heavy Armour Skirmish Camp Vendor)
Feet: Battle Leader’s Boots, dyed Umber (Balad Guldur Heavy Armour from a Classic Vendor at any Skirmish Camp)
Back: Swan-Cloak, dyed Walnut Brown (Lotro Store)

8 thoughts on “Shiny Steel Plate

  1. Wonderful outfit, well worth the wait. Though it may not be full plate, it makes her look really elegant while being well protected. I really like it and it fits the Gondorian theme so well!

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  3. I cannot seem to find the chest piece in any of the treasure cache drops. Any idea where else it might show up?

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