Shiny Steel Plate


I have always wished there were more plate looking armour options in the game. A lot of times the heavy armour pieces seem to look more cloth or leathery to me.

Today’s outfit is an attempt at a shiny steel plate look.

The last time I put an outfit together for this blog I had been trying to complete this plate outfit. I was only missing the perfect shoulders. Update 14 offered me just the right piece to complete this look. The shoulders from theย Heavy Nadhin set were just what Iย had been looking for.


Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. As promised though, I will continue to post when inspiration hits me ๐Ÿ™‚

Kedwyr started leveling his Hunter to 100 after the new update came out. Watching him I was reminded how much I truly love this game. I personally don’t have any desire to quest and level or figure out my class traits ect… But I have enjoyed spending time at the Summer festival and just being in Middle Earth.

lotro-outfit-133d lotro-outfit-133e

Head: Helm of the Wall Warden, dyed White (Balad Guldur Heavy Armour from a Classic Vendor at any Skirmish Camp)
Shoulders: Heavy Nadhin Shoulders, dyed White (Update 14 Heavy Armour Set)
Chest: Lesser Valourouss Hauberk of Fate, dyed White (Lvl 95 Heavy Armour)
Hands: Rohirric Esquire’s Heavy Gauntlets, dyed White (Heavy Armour Skirmish Camp Vendor)
Feet: Battle Leader’s Boots, dyed Umber (Balad Guldur Heavy Armour from a Classic Vendor at any Skirmish Camp)
Back: Swan-Cloak, dyed Walnut Brown (Lotro Store)


8 thoughts on “Shiny Steel Plate

  1. Wonderful outfit, well worth the wait. Though it may not be full plate, it makes her look really elegant while being well protected. I really like it and it fits the Gondorian theme so well!

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  3. I cannot seem to find the chest piece in any of the treasure cache drops. Any idea where else it might show up?

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