Oh What A Beautiful Morning!


Oh what a beautiful morning,
Oh what a beautiful day,
I’ve got a wonderful feeling,
Everything’s going my way.


This Hobbit farmer is out enjoying the day. He has a tune in his step as he walks around his farm in his cowboy boots.

The hardest part of putting this outfit together had to be the boots. Nothing seemed to look right. I was just about to let him go bare foot when I discovered the Lesser Arrow of the West Boots. To me they look like cowboy boots. Perfect for what I had in mind! You can barter for these boots in Harndirion or there is a ceremonial version in Lalia’s market.


Head: Farmer’s Fancy Wide-Brimmed Hat (Farmer’s Faire)
Chest: Quilted Shirt (Burglar Starting Gear)
Legs: Ceremonial Thrill-Seeker’s Leggings (Rift Burglar Armour from a Cosmetic Vendor at any Skirmish Camp)
Feet: Lesser Arrow of the West Boots, dyed Sienna (Hunter Ost Dunhoth Armor. Barter in Harndirion)
Back: Treasure Hunter’s Rucksack, dyed Grey (Treasure Hunt Event)

4 thoughts on “Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

  1. But those cowboy boots also have a hint of Dutch clogs! Especially with that windmill in the background. I can just hear him singing through that first screenshot, you really captured the moment there. I love the combo of the leggings with those boots, it’s very special, great find!

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