The Lotro Stylist

Hello + Welcome!

I am Devonna, aka The Lotro Stylist.

I make my home on the Landroval server alongside my husband Kedwyr. Kedwyr is the Tolkien buff of the family. He is the guy who reads the books every year and has memorized the movies word for word. I’m the gamer chick who loves playing a great game. I’ve played a lot of MMOs over the years but none of them compare to how absolutely beautiful Lord of the Rings Online is. I often find myself just stopping to enjoy the view. My screenshot folder is stuffed full of gorgeous shots I’ve taken on my travels in the game.

Both Kedwyr and I share a love for Lotro outfits. I can spend hours online researching new outfit ideas and he spends probably more time at the auction house shopping for new clothes than actually questing. Together we’ve come up with quite a few outfit options and we’d love to share them with you.

Community Spotlight: Featured Player interview
A Casual Stroll to Mordor Cosmetic Roundtable

Meet The Models

Devonna, Hobbit Minstrel Kedwyr, Elf Hunter
Aelith, Man Guardian Kestrial, Elf Rune-Keeper
Sendryck, Man Warden Barniby, Hobbit Burglar
Mordgarth, Dwarf Champion

28 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Devonna,

    I am thrilled you started this blog and I will surely follow everything you are going to showcase here! In terms of submitting outfits, do you allow cosmetics only or are quest and instance rewards also allowed?

    Thanks for a great initiative,

    A player from Europe, Snowbourn server

  2. I really like your site and I think it’s absolutely great. Just one thing, would you be willing to display the entire post via RSS, please? It’s my preferred way of reading. 🙂 Just throwing it out there! Thanks!

  3. This is Harperella of the Lonely Mountain Band, we put on Weatherstock each year. We’re currently in the process of putting together our uniforms for the event. We have four distinct teams, each with its own garb. The teams are:
    Stage Crew
    Freakout Zone

    Also, each of the bands has their own stylistic flair. Would you be interested in covering the event for fashion? I can send in screenshots of the LMB uniforms at our next kin meeting, but you might want to take the pictures of the bands at Weatherstock from our “green room” where bands prep before performance.

    P.S. Say hi to Kedwyr for me!

  4. Devonna! Thank you for taking time to share your discoveries and fashion art! Love it! Job well done! In real-life i HATE clothes shopping! My husband shakes his head in confusion because I’ve become a LOTRO outfit junkie. LOL

  5. That 1st picture on this page is breathtaking. I’ve had several friends say it was fake it looks so good. It inspired me to get a better laptop that can run the game on higher graphic settings. Ever since getting the new laptop, I can see this picture is very real. I’ve been taking pictures like crazy! About 400 in the collection now and plenty more on the way.

  6. Hi, Devonna.I want to change the clothes of my character (Lore-master), and I want you to help me.I thinking about using:
    Cloak : Cloak of the Golden Oak
    Chest : Comfortable Robe
    Shoulders : Shoulders of the Seven Stars
    Feet : Soft Leathers Boots
    Head : Schoolars Hat
    Hands : Cloth Gloves
    And I want to use some dyes like Umber and Rust to combine with the cloak.What do you think?Give me some tips

    • The Cloak of the Golden Oak and the Shoulders of the Seven Stars are two of my personal favorite items in the game. I think they are lovely and go really well with a lot of things. Paired together they would be beautiful! The Scholars hat is perfect for a Lore- Master. The comfortable robe looks great on some races and not so great on others. If your race happens to look great in it I can definitely see it looking really good paired with the items you’ve chosen. Sounds like you’ve put together a wonderful outfit 🙂

  7. I was looking around for some ideas and stumbled across your blog and thought, “Hey maybe The Lotro stylist can help me?”

    I am the leader of a kinship (War Machine of The Tiny, and have other characters in our sister Kin War Machine of the Lofty) on Arkenstone. I’m planning a Christmas concert if I can get enough kinmembers to join in, but would like us all to be dressed the same and look kind of christmasy. So have any ideas what outfits might work? it’s got to be stuff that can be found pretty easy, or crafted since not everyone is same level, plays as much or can spend turbine points.

    Anyways if you have ideas and can help that would be very cool. and if it works I can take some screen shots for you too 🙂

    • I would dye the Shirriff’s Hauberk, found at the outfitter in Michel Delving Outfitter, Red or Crimson. The Decorative Hauberk is another one that would look Festive dyed perhaps green, but it’s a little bit more difficult to acquire than the Shirriff’s. You acquire it at the Cosmetic Vendor at any Skirmish Camp. Hope this helps 🙂

  8. Finally got here to check the site out! I like what I have seen so far and feel blessed i’v been able to be in a Kin with you as well! Ked..well I just worry about him sometimes lol (j/k Ked!) Keep up the good work and ill see if i can get some decent outfits to send you.

  9. Wow… How do you get the inspiration for your outfits? I recently got this amazing cosmetic cloak from the skirmish camp, and after that I have started building on it (I was lucky enough to find a wonderful dress during the Yule festival). Do you have any suggestions on how to build cool outfits?
    Thanks – a elf guardian, Gladden server

  10. I absolutely love your layout and banner, even without the other pictures I could simply admire it for hours as I read content. I also love the picture at the top of your about page (singing hobbit with a rainbow). It’s adorable!

  11. I was absolutely delighted to find your blog! Such creativity and skill. I hope you will have the time and interest to continue posting here for a long time! 🙂 Greetings from Brandywine server, EU

  12. Hello i’m really happy you made this site 🙂 it’s been very fun going through all of the outfits and i must say i’m impressed!
    In lotro i also like putting together outfits sometimes but i never manage it by just using random armour and cosmetics, how do you do it? what inspires you?. Thank you very much you’ve been a great help 🙂

    • Usually i started with one item that I think is pretty neat looking. Then I use my base items i have collected in my wardrobe to play around with. If I’m not finding the right items to go together then I try looking elsewhere such as the auction house or merchants. I also like to play around with colors. I’m often amazed how changing the color of an item changes the whole look. Hope this helps 🙂

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