Male Hobbits Rejoice

Lotro Outfit

Here is my first male Hobbit outfit modeled by my new burglar, Barniby. All races and sexes are finally represented on this blog. *cheers*

I realize that Hobbits don’t need to wear footwear but Barniby, being the style conscious Hobbit that he is, couldn’t pass up on these adorable red shoes.

Chest: Craftman’s Robe, dyed Evendim Blue (All Outfitters)

Feet: Ceremonial Nenuial’s Boots (skirmish camp barter, Annúminas medium cosmetic)

Back: Cook’s Trappings (Available from a Cosmetics trader in any Skirmish Camp.)

2 thoughts on “Male Hobbits Rejoice

  1. I think your hobbit outfit worked out great! That craftmans robe with those tiny pockets doesn’t seem to work well on larger characters, but it’s great for a hobbit! And those dangling pots and sausages fit just right. He looks like a real Samwise Gamgee!

    Your blog is a great inspiration to me, I look forward to your ideas every time! My minstrel is currently running around in the “enchantress outfit”, or at least something that resembles it… 🙂 I have lots of screenies of my own outfits but never much bothered to share them with anyone. In stead of submitting them all to you I will create my own blog to post them and see how that works out. I am not nearly as consistent as you are but at least it gives me an outlet to share some outfit ideas screenies from time to time. Thank you for this great idea! All credits to you!

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