How To Look Stylish At Any Level: A Cosmetic Guide For New Players

I often get requests for outfits that a low level character or new player could wear. Outfits that someone could wear even though they don’t have access to most of the cool looking armour options Lotro has to offer. My hope with this guide is that I can help take the frustration out of creating an outfit for the new player and encourage you to find a unique and stylish look that fits your character perfectly.

  • Part 1 of this guide will be an inventory of pieces a character between the levels of 1-20 will most likely have access to.
  • Part 2 of this guide will be several outfit options I’ve put together using the items I listed.

Part 1: Inventory

Starter Outfits
Armour Merchants
Lotro Store
Other Resources

Part 2: Outfits

Ranger of the Forest Outfit
Winter White Outfit
Twilight Walker Outfit
Past Outfits

Starter Outfits
Each character begins the game with a starter outfit unique to their class.










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Outfitters are special vendor NPCs scattered across Middle Earth who sell cosmetic items. They all sell many of the same items, however each one sells a few unique items as well.

Sold by All Outfitters

Blacksmith’s Apron

Calvary Hauberk

Chef Apron

Common Long Sleeved Dress

Common Long Sleeved Tunic & Trousers

Common Shirt & Trousers

Craftman’s Robe

Day Pack

Eastern Cut Hauberk

Fisherman’s Vest

Forester’s Garments

Plain Cloak

Plain Hooded Cloak

Prospector’s Garment

Scholar’s Vestments

Scout’s Hauberk

Warden Pack

Sold by Race of Man Outfitters (Bree and Trestlebridge)

Glossy Leather Boots

Light Buckled Boots

Padded Leather Boots

Soft Leather Boots

Soft Stitched Boots

Bree Outfitter
Dot Leafbottom is in the Weapons and Armour Shop across from the Bree Town Hall.

Fine Shirt & Pants

Leather Hauberk

Long Ranger’s Robe

Trestlebridge Outfitter
Percy Chesham across from the Task Board.

Fancy Quiver

Watcher’s Hauberk

Mitchel Delving Outfitter
Buttercup Grubb in the Mitchel Delving Vendor Hall next to the Auction House.

Fancy Shirt & Pants

Long Fancy Robe

Shiriff’s Hauberk

Sturdy Prospector’s Pack

Stock Outfitter
Ernald Boffin inside the Golden Perch.

Bounder’s Hauberk

Sturdy Woodcutter’s Pack

Thorin’s Hall Outfitter
Boltr inside Thorin’s Hall

Dwarf-make Hauberk

Dwarf-make Shirt & Pants

Long Dwarf-make Robe

Celondim Outfitter
Hambrennil up the stairs across from the stables.

Elven Hauberk

Elven Tunic & Pants

Long Elven Robe

Othricar Outfitter
Hatt inside Othricar, a Dwarven settlement in the North Downs.

Dwarf-make Chain Hauberk

Sturdy Dwarf-make Quiver

Rivendell Outfitter
Hammadelen at the market of Rivendell.

Elven Scale Hauberk

Fine Elven Quiver

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Armour Merchants
Armour merchants can be found in Cities and Outposts throughout Middle Earth. Pictured below are a few of the items you can find for purchase on an Armour Smith.

Bree Light Armour

Bree Medium Armour

Bree Heavy Armour

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Festivals come around every few months in celebration of the changing seasons. There is dancing, drinking, game playing and of course the opportunity to pick up some really great cosmetic pieces. Pictured below are just a few of the cosmetic items you can collect at a festival.

Circlet of Fresh-Picked Flowers
Farmer’s Faire

Sun Hat
Summer Festival

Yule Scarf & Cap
Yule Festival

Cloak of the Shining Star
Anniversary Celebration

Spring Dandy Hooded Cloak
Spring Festival

Golden Tree Summer Cloak
Summer Festival

Extravagant Festival Dress
Yule Festival

Long-Sleeved Summer Dress
Summer Festival

Treasure Hunter Pack
Treasure Hunter Event

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Lotro Store
Another option for cosmetic items at any level is the Lotro Store. The currency used in the Lotro Store is Turbine points which can be purchased with real life money or earned in game by completing deeds. I’ve pictured below just a few of the items that can be bought in the Lotro Store.

Ceremonial Worker’s Helmet

Feathered Felt Hat

Traveller’s Hood

Inn League Survival Pack

Cook’s Pack

Sea-Turtle’s Pack

Elf Queen’s Dress

Hauberk of Rhun

Ceremonial Robe of Viisaus

Cloak of the Steadfast

Hooded Cloak of the Autumn Wood

Hooded Elf Lord’s Cloak

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Other Resources
While adventuring in Middle Earth there are a few more resources available to you that you should be on the look out for.

Low Level Quest rewards
When ever you turn in a quest be sure to try on all the quest rewards in the dressing room. You never know when you will find an item you could use in your outfit.

Low Level World Drops
When you are out killing things remember to always try on the loot you pick up in your dressing room. There are some handsome items out there perfect for outfitting.

Low Level Crafted items
The Tailoring and Metalsmith skills especially have nice pieces you can craft for your outfits.

Reputation Vedors
Men of Bree is probably the first reputation faction you can achieve Kindred standing with. This can be done before you reach level 20. Tully Hopwood inside the Hunter’s Lodge in Bree is the NPC you will want to talk to once you have achieved the reputation. She will have a few nice cosmetic pieces to help your outfit along.

Great-Barrow Armour
By completing the Great-Barrow Instance cluster (level 20s), You will earn medallions and marks which can be used to purchase the Great-Barrow armour sets at any “Classics” vendor at Skirmish camps.

Pre-Order Rewards
When you pre-order an expansion it will come with exclusive cosmetic rewards. At first it may seem like they are not very rare because everyone is wearing them but as time goes by these items will become very rare and unique. A treasure for any outfit collector’s wardrobe.

Auction House
Each day new items are placed on the Auction House for purchase. You never know when the perfect piece for your outfit will appear so be checking often.

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Ranger of the Forest Outfit
Lotro Outfit

Back: Hooded Leather Cloak, dyed Olive (Farmer’s Faire)
Chest: Shirriff’s Hauberk, dyed Umber (Mitchel Delving Outfitter)
Hands: Leather Gauntlets, dyed Umber (Bree Medium Armoursmith)
Feet: Leather Boots, dyed Umber (Bree Medium Armoursmith)

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Winter White Outfit
Lotro Outfit

Back: Fancy Snow Cloak, (Lotro Store)
Chest: Forester’s Hauberk, dyed White (Bree Land Gift Box during Yule Festival)
Hands: Chainmail Gauntlets, dyed White (Bree Heavy Armoursmith)
Feet: Barrow-Warrior Boots, dyed White (Heavy Great-Barrow Armour)

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Twilight Walker Outfit
Lotro Outfit

Head:Traveller’s Hood, dyed Black (Lotro Store)
Back: Plain Cloak, dyed Black, (Any Outfitter)
Chest: Exquisite Elven Dress, dyed Black (Lotro Store)

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Past Outfits

Horse Master
Lotro Dwarf Outfit

Sneaky Sneak
Lotro Outfit

Pretty Archer
Lotro Outfit

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11 thoughts on “How To Look Stylish At Any Level: A Cosmetic Guide For New Players

  1. Great guide. 🙂 The outfits look great.

    The fancy snow cloak was available at last year’s Yule Fest, I got one there. I’m not sure if it’s now a retiree for this year though.

  2. great post idea! i also get many requests for low level outfit and find myself quite chained by it, although i shouldn’t be – there are so many pretty low level items even outside the store 🙂

  3. Cool

    Glad to see someone do all the fancy leg work so that I can put flashy pants on all my characters, all low level as yet. I have in my minds eye a look which I have yet to spend time and energy on. I will be using your guide to help out when I do sit down and start designing.

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