Kinship Uniforms: Rangers of Ithilien

At the end of the twenty-ninth century of the Third Age of Sun, Turin II, the Ruling Steward of Gondor, decreed that a brotherhood of knights be formed in North Ithilien, for Gondor’s power in that land was threatened by enemies from Mordor and Morgul. So the band called the Rangers of Ithilien was formed. These knights were dressed in brown and green camouflage uniforms, with green gloves and masks. They fought with bows, spears and sword. In the years before the War of the Ring, their captain was Faramir, second son of Denethor, Gondor’s ruling Steward.

Lotro Kinship Uniform


Head: Makeshift Ranger Mask (Skirmish Cosmetic)

Shoulders: Leather Shoulder Guards of Might, dyed Olive (World Drop)

Chest: Dwarf-Make Skirmishers Armour, dyed Green (T4 Crafted)

Hands: Leather Gauntlets of Determination, dyed Olive (World Drop)

Legs: Westernesse Protector’s Leggings, dyed Olive (T5 Crafted)

Feet: Barrow-Scout Boots, dyed Ranger Green (Medium Great Barrow Armour)

Back: Plain Cloak, dyed Olive (Outfitter)

Lotro Kinship Uniform


Shoulders: Cloth Shoulder Pads, dyed Olive

Chest: Sturdy Dwarf-Make Leather Armour, dyed Olive (T3 Crafted)

Hands: Leather Gauntlets of Determination, dyed Olive (World Drop)

Legs: Westernesse Protector’s Leggings, dyed Olive (T5 Crafted)

Feet: Barrow-Scout Boots, dyed Ranger Green (Medium Great Barrow Armour)

Back: Plain Hooded Cloak, dyed Olive (Outfitters)

12 thoughts on “Kinship Uniforms: Rangers of Ithilien

  1. Very nice theme, and great for a Kinship as those rangers did work in a group. Only thing I cannot bring myself to like is that pointy ranger mask. I think it doesn’t match the style, nor any Middle Earth style for that matter. It’s probably just a personal dislike, as I see a lot of players wearing it. The rest of the outfits are really nice!

    • well actually all of the ranger hoods have the pointy tip (in the movie) it just got folded down because no one has a head that shape, but your right, when i make a ranger outfit i use the travellers hood, its not like im stabbing anyone with my head haha, turbine didnt do that great a job on that piece IMO

  2. Hello,
    it’s Mokthar from Vilya here.
    This outfit is great, I’m using it as my main on my Hunter of Gondor (Ranger of Ithilien =P)
    With different gloves though, I found a pair that fits better.
    Still looking for a chestpiece that matches better the brown colours of the rest of the outfit.
    Thank You for the inspiration ^^

    • For the Leather Shoulder Guards of Might I want to say I got them in Eregion. I would keep checking the auction house. I am sure there are other medium armour shoulder pieces that share this graphic. If you are having no luck in finding them they also have a pair in the Lotro Store called Scaled Leather Shoulderpads for 295 TP.

      The leather Gauntlets of Determination have a level 30 on them. I’m guessing they would drop in a region of that level. Again try the auction house and try on medium armour gloves. I’m sure there are other pieces that share this same graphic.

  3. lol, i misspelled ithilien when making my kinship, people always seem to catch the IthiLLien part… xD

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