Lotro Outfit

Rise of Rohan has been out for a few weeks now and I’ve been busy enjoying myself in the new content. Ked and I got our first characters to level 85 last night and I thought it was time to show you some of the outfit ideas we have been playing with in this new expansion.

Lotro Outfit

This is the outfit Ked is currently sporting. It’s great for stealthy type characters and it’s grey color blends perfect with the default warsteed color for those, like me, who are having a bit of trouble stomaching the high Lotro Store prices for warsteed customization.

Lotro Outfit

The robe and gloves in this outfit are quest rewards from Rohan. There are not a lot of uniqueness between the different Rohan quest rewards. Most of the armour designs are recycled often throughout the quests. I wouldn’t even suggest holding on to the quest rewards for too long since the Hytbold armour designs look exactly the same as well. That being said though, I do really like the silhouette of this robe design. I can see many outfit possibilities.

Lotro Outfit

Head: Fine Grey Company Hood, dyed White (Quest:Chapter 1: Separate Ways *Corunir*)
Shoulders: Gwir-Palvais, dyed Grey (BOE drop from any Isengard Instance)
Chest: Oldheart’s Ancient Robe, dyed White (Quest: Awake at Long Last)
Hands: Lèofdag’s Burnt Gloves, dyed Grey (RoR Quest Reward)
Feet: Nightshade Boots, dyed Black (Quest:Breath of the Dragon)
Back: Fine Elven Quiver, dyed Grey (Rivendell Outfitter)

12 thoughts on “Subterfuge

  1. What a great sillhouette! He looks very stealthy. I really love how the shoulders mirror the shape of the bottom of the robe, and how the trim colours are such a close match as well. And then the two splashes of red. Really nice!

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  3. I’m impressed with this outfit…it’s great to see the new cosmetics being put to a wonderfully stealthy use! And I have to agree with Starry about those shoulders and the robe. I don’t know if it was intentional, but the shapes compliment each other incredibly well : )

  4. Hey I have a dwarf champ lvl 9 in silverlode server where can I get decent looking armours that’s at about lvl 10-20 because I can lvl up real fast. I see that your a pro at this so I’m asking advice from you Devonna.

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