Lotro Outfit

Atop Orthanc

Lotro Outfit

Our hard work on the different wings in Orthanc has paid off and this week Ked’s and my Kinship made it to Saruman! We still need a bit of polish to be able to take him down but the fight is a fun one.

As my Kin progressed through the different wings in Orthanc I often felt like my Rune-Keeper was not dressed appropriately. I usually switched between her casual dress outfit and her Draigoch armour. I personally don’t care too much for most of the Draigoch armour, especially the big emblems on the chest pieces. For Saruman, though, I finally put together a worthy battle ready outfit.

Lotro Outfit

I have been in love with this robe since I first saw it, especially it’s lovely detailed back! It is from the Helegrod Rune-keeper set and until recently it was out of my reach of obtaining. After Update 5 this robe, as well as all the Helegrod armour sets, have become much easier to acquire.

Lotro Outfit

Head: Ceremonial Circlet of the Seven Stars (Annuminas Light Armour)
Shoulders: Mantle of the Clever Counselor, dyed Black ( Draigoch Rune-Keeper)
Chest: Robe of the Learned, dyed Black (Helegrod Rune-Keeper)
Hands: Bracers of the Clever Counselor, dyed Crimson (Draigoch Rune-Keeper)
Feet: Boots of the Clever Counselor, dyed Black (Draigoch Rune-Keeper)
Class Item: Satchel, dyed Black

8 thoughts on “Atop Orthanc

  1. Beautiful battle outfit for your runekeeper. It looks really classy in black. I didn’t know you had become such a serious raider! How fun! Kudos to making it to the top! I agree about the Draigoch armour though, I don’t use it either. The Orthanc armour looks better, even though it cannot be dyed which I hope might change in the future. But this robe is much more complex and detailed even though the model is “old skool”, it’s still very beautiful.

  2. It matches the Orthanc environment well, elegant but strong looking. Black would be great to keep off those acid, lava stains too :).

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  4. Great job! Big lover of the robe too i’m slowly aquiring tokens to get it myself. The black definately matches the environment of Isengard and close to the new raid armour, my kins only faced Saruman once and all i kept thinking myself was how i needed some sort of raid armour feeling, as i’m not keen on the Draigoch set either (and it’s extremely difficult to mix and match those pieces i think). Good luck for the future battles against Saruman 😀

  5. Very nice, I like the colours. 🙂

    I’m not sure how popular you were, changing outfits and such while fighting though. 😀

    I need to go back to some places and get non-class items I think once they fix what they broke before. There’s some stuff I like that’s not for my class.

    Weird question: What’s the random blue circle above the chest behind you in the second picture?

    • Saruman fancies himself a ring maker. There are different colored rings on pedestals surrounding him. You start the fight by taking all the rings. You also need to use the rings at different stages of the fight. What you saw was one of those rings.

      • aaah. 🙂

        I’ve not done this fight so I don’t know the mechanics. I can’t find any dragoch raids any more and can’t do the saruman stuff without the draigoch armour.

        I really dislike the gated instance stuff. 😛

  6. Just saw this robe in-game, and while I was admiring it, I realized the lettering around the hem isn’t random. It actually spells “I love you” and then something I’m not sure about… Trying to find pictures of the robe online, I ran across this entry of yours, and thought to bring that detail to your attention, too. 🙂

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