Lotro Rune-Keeper Outfit

Dunland Rune-Keeper

Lotro Rune-Keeper Outfit
I couldn’t stay away 🙂 I love outfitting too much.

I’ve been leveling up my Rune-Keeper lately and she has just entered into Dunland. There are so many incredible outfitting pieces just from quest rewards here. It’s heaven for someone who enjoys creating outfits for their characters.

Lotro Rune-Keeper Outfit

I usually like to dress my Rune-Keeper in pretty dresses. Very seldom does she wear pants. You might remember I even created a dress outfit for her to blacksmith in. This shirt however, is so lovely and feminine, just her style.

Lotro Rune-Keeper Outfit

Chest: Disused Robe of the Dunland Soothsayer, dyed Burgundy ([67] Quest:The Slovenly Work of Mange-rider)
Hands: Angolgam, dyed Umber ([67] Vol. III, Book 4, Chapter 5: Catrin’s Rebellion)
Legs: Leggings of the Learned Stag, dyed Black ([65] Quest:The Feast of the Running Stag)
Feet: Disused Shoes of the Dunland Soothsayer, dyed Sienna ([67] Quest:The Blocked Supply Lines)
Satchel: Rune-Keeper Satchel of the 3rd Age, dyed Burgundy (Rune-Keeper Class Item)

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18 thoughts on “Dunland Rune-Keeper

    • Yes, you can dye them now. 🙂 They, however, do not show up in the dressing room when you ctrl click on them so you have to cross your fingers that they look good before you dye them. Would love Turbine to fix this.

      • I wasn’t sure so I had to check this out in game. Awhile ago I purchased the Grand Satchel from the store so I logged in to test it out. No dice 😦 It wouldn’t let me dye it.

  1. Great to see a new post from you 😀 Must say I rather like that shirt too.. have it in an outfit for one of my female elves.. either my runekeeper or warden.. and my lone-male elf, Saelarien’s minstrel son, Orelon.

  2. There and back again! And with an awesome outfit too! Hope you take it easy and continue to post once in a while, but I think the Dunland rewards will provide enough inspiration to do so. Welcome back!

  3. Welcome back!

    The rune satchels from the store still say “cannot be dyed” quite specifically, but a few others can take colours now.

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  5. Devonna!!! so glad you’re back! Please don’t try to do this weekly and get burned out. 🙂 Let it be a fun for you again! This fan is just happy to see your creativiity posted from time to time!

    Dancyn Boots

  6. I made an outfit a lot like this for my Minstrel. I added a wide brimmed feathered hat and the swan cloak to it and dyed it all crimson/red. It’s one of my favorites.

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